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ARE THERE HIDDEN CHARGES THAT WILL BE PRESENTED TO US AT THE TIME OF ARRANGEMENTS OR PRE-ARRANGEMENTS?  NO  This is not only un-ethical, but it is illegal as well.  You will be given a copy of the itemized expenses before you leave and will NOT be billed for any additional charges, unless there is something that you, the family, had requested us to do.  Every funeral home is required to present to you a General Price List which is a complete itemization of services offered by that particular funeral home.  There can be NO HIDDEN CHARGES.


 DOES WALDROPE-HATFIELD-HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOMES, INC. HAVE PAYMENT PLANS?   At the present time, we do not offer a payment plan after a death has occured.  There are some funeral homes that do offer payment plans through a funeral funding company, but the interest rates can be very high.  Besure and read the fine print on any contractual agreement.  We accept credit card, check, cash, assignable insurance policies, and most pre-paid funeral plans from other funeral homes.  For other forms of payment, we suggest you contact your bank or lending institution for a loan to cover such expenses.  You may find the interest rates to be lower than those offered by funeral home payment plans. 


DOES WALDROPE-HATFIELD-HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOMES, INC. PROVIDE CREMATION SERVICES?  Yes, we have ALWAYS handled cremation services for our families.  We do not have our own crematory, therefore we can pass those savings on to the consumer.  We do not have the overhead associated with the unit itself.   Kerrville Crematory provides our transportation in a fully equiped, full size, professional vehicle.  Please feel free to contact my office or you may also contact Kerrville Funeral Home and Crematory should you have questions about our identification process, transportation, etc.


WHAT SHOULD I DO IF ANOTHER FUNERAL HOME WAS CALLED TO MAKE THE FIRST CALL OF OUR LOVED ONE?  You should call the funeral home of your choice immediately. They will handle all your wishes to have your loved one brought to the funeral home of your choice.  When an individual passes away and there are NO family members that can be located in a reasonable amount of time, a rotation funeral may be called to remove the remains from the place of death..  Once you are notified of the death, you have the right to select a different funeral home if you choose to do so.  You are NOT obligated to pay for the first call to that particular funeral home that made original call.  You did not authorize such a removal, therefore you are not responsible. 


IS CREMATION BECOMING MORE OF A TRADITIONAL MEANS OF DISPOSITION?  Yes, we are seeing many more cremation services each year. Most families desiring cremation choose what is called a DIRECT CREMATION. With a Direct Cremation, there is no embalming or public visitation with the body present.  In most cases, we can arrange a private viewing for the immediate family without embalming, casket, or rental casket.  There are some instances that we would recommend no viewing, ie autopsied remains, accident or trauma victims, etc. 


WHEN ARE THE TOTAL EXPENSES DUE ON A FUNERAL CONTRACT?  Funeral expenses are due prior to the service.  Payment may be made by credit card, check, or cash.  We will also file insurance policies on your behalf.  The insurance policies must be verified to be assignable.  Which simply means that the beneficiary can authorize payment for the funeral expenses out of the total proceeds. 


WILL WALDROPE-HATFIELD-HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOMES, INC. ASSIST OUR FAMILY WITH VETERAN ADMINISTRATION BENEFITS AND SOCIAL SECURITY?  Yes, as far as VA Benefits, we will will obtain the U.S. Flag for draping or folding, file for a U.S. Government Marker, and assist you with filing for any Burial Benefits that may be entiled to you.  We will need a copy of the veteran's DD-214 or Honorable Discharge.  At the request of the family, we can also contact the veterans branch of Service to provide a military detail.  As far as assistance with Social Security, all funeral homes notify Social Security of a death and we will have contact numbers and addresses  for the Social Security Office who will assist you in closing the social security account for your loved one.


DOES WALDROPE-HATFIELD-HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOMES, INC. OFFER PRE-ARRANGED AND PRE-PAID FUNERAL PLANS?  Yes, a pre-arranged funeral simply means that we have a record of your final wishes.  You can provide all the information that would be needed at the time of the death for the death certificate, obituaries, etc.  You can also pre-select the casket and an outer burial container if desired.  You do NOT pay any monies in advance for a pre-arrangement.   As far as Pre-Need, you are paying in advance for the services, casket, etc.  Any item of service or merchandise that is paid on a pre-need contact is FROZEN at those prices.  You cannot be charged more at the time of death for those items.  

 For information on Prepaid funeral planning provided by the Texas Department of Banking, click here.